IM SHED XD its nice to meet you im active most days
DMS: open
PRONOUNS: dont matter
ACCOUT CREATED: Saturday December 14 2019

basic html, batch, javascript, typescript and other things
also dev of shedborg the all around bot invite him here shedborgs site

my main oc
  • name: yethreal
  • nicknames: shed, shedninja, pathreal, natereal, hatereal, listreal, shed 1 - 100
  • age: around 4.5 billion years old
  • Species: SHED oh and some neko and shape shifter
  • Gender: both male and female
  • Sexual Orientation: horny just horny
  • Birthday: 01/27/ 99999999999999999 BCE.

  • Traits: horny, a pathologic lier, smarter then she acts, nice and motherly, can be an ass
  • Like(s): sex, porn, moths, her family
  • Dislike(s): anal, angels, apples and mean dio
  • Hobby(ies): fucking like a rabbit, runing hell
  • Habit(s): lie's
  • Fear(s): the truth comeing out
  • Strength(s): n/a
  • Weakness(es): n/a

    Body Type/Looks
  • Height: 4 foot 2 to 5 foot 9
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Hairstyle(s): twintailes, pony tail, braid or lose
  • Accessories: a black neckless, a wedding ring, glasses
  • Scars/Tattoos: lots of scars all over her body trys to use glamer to hide, left arm has the letters y1 tattoed on it, under her belly button is a uterus tattoo with a gage on it, neck has a mait seal from her love
  • Jewelry/Piercings:see above
  • Distinguishing Features: see above
  • Preferred Clothing: dress or nothing at all
  • Parent(s): dio
  • Sibling(s): n/a
  • Relative(s): ... all angels .... reta....
  • Best Friend(s): tithouns
  • Friend(s): n/a
  • Rival(s): n/a
  • Enemy(ies): none all dead
  • SKILLS/ABILITIES tp, tk, shapeshifting, use of smoke, has access to her own world and everything and anything